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Our story began thousands of years ago, with the amazing ritual experienced in the humble bath houses of Turkey known as Hammam, meaning “spreader of warmth.”<br /> <br /> One of the oldest bathing rituals in the world, Hammam provides total purification and healing to the body using steam or hot water to relax, deep exfoliation to purify skin and remove toxins, and cold water to encourage hydrotherapy.<br /> <br /> Hammam is not just a cleansing ritual, but a transformative experience which provides an inexplicable feeling of sensation – a complete energisation of mind, body and soul.<br /> <br /> Purifying the skin and body in a Hammam is attributed to a deep exfoliation treatment performed using an exfoliating mitt commonly known as a ‘Hammam Kese’, meaning Hammam Exfoliating Mitt in Turkish. <br /> <br /> The use of a Hammam exfoliating mitt is a culturally-recognised skin renewal treatment used by many people in Turkey and is a first-choice treatment for renewing and purifying the skin.<br />

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