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Suffragette&nbsp;is an Australian owned brand that challenges the status quo by creating bold colourful womens watch designs. Designs by women, for women.<br /> <br /> A century ago many women didnt wear wristwatches because we were not expected to know the time unless conducting domestic duties. And for this, a clock would suffice.<br /> <br /> Since then, womens wristwatches have been celebrated as a statement of independent women working outside of the home. The watch industry, however, is still dominated by men, and women's watch designs are often masculine looking - typically smaller versions of watches designed for men.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Our bold and colourful watches&nbsp;are designed specifically for women.<br /> <br /> We recognise the opportunity todays brands have to make people think and drive social change, and our loyal following provides a platform to draw attention to key issues with respect to equality and drive positive change.<br /> <br /> Suffragette donates 30% of profits to women’s charities. Our support goes towards helping women live better lives across the world. We also&nbsp;offer support in numerous other ways&nbsp; from branding support, to event work and driving donations through our various channels.&nbsp;<br />

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