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TAG La, a bluetooth device that helps you to find anything, at anytime and any places. With TAG La, you will never lose anything.<br /> <br /> TAG La, a Malaysian born company with a passion for interactive technology and developing convenient gadgets for everyday life, this past year released a revolutionary solution to finding missing items: the TAG La Bluetooth Tracker.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Designed to help people keep track of important items that are easy to lose, such as phones, keys, and iPads, TAG La is a tiny, versatile and lightweight tracker that can alert the user to the location of any item through sound or light.<br /> <br /> TAG La is small, portable, and convenient to place, slide or even stick to valuable items. With an effective distance of 75 feet in open range without barriers, no location in the house or car is too far for TAG La to pick up on. The innovative device even alerts users through the app if they’re leaving home without something important.<br />

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