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We believe that by eating real foods, sourced from the best places around the world, we can heal our body and help us live to our full potential. We have seen the effects first-hand of what a lack of nourishment and care has on our body, so it is our mission to open the pathway to a more enriching life.<br /> <br /> We know that true beauty starts from within and that what we put in to our body should be of the highest quality. At Kissed Earth we have sourced some of the best bovine collagen from around the world and carefully blended it with a unique mix of botanicals, superfoods, probiotics and fibres to allow your body to thrive.<br /> <br /> We do not believe in using synthetic or artificial ingredients in any of our products and are committed to using the cleanest and most powerful foods from nature.<br /> Collagen is the most abundant protein found in the body and therefore the most important component of human connective tissue. However between the ages of 25-30 our body slows down or stops the production of collagen, also known as aging, and so daily supplementation is required to keep the body strong and maintain a youthful appearance. <br /> Kissed Earth is designed for anyone wanting to improve the quality and structure of their skin, hair, nails, joints, tendons and lining of the gut to name a few.<br /> <br /> We hope you enjoy our beautiful range of Kissed Earth products as much as we loved creating them for you.<br />

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