Ker-ching! Fruit Loop Friday's

Every week we’ll be offering the Best Deals in Australia.

We’ll market 1 or more products every Friday at Krazy kerching Prices, and I mean Krazy!!

We have negotiated the best prices on products plus we have reduced the prices even further just to make sure we are the best.

You have to be quick to get the deals because we haven’t got an endless supply of stock.

Example: We may have 50” Sony TV’s that retail for $499.00 but our price might be $99.00.

Q & A’s

Q. When will I know what products are available?

  • Friday morning at 9am.

Q. Times of sale?

  • They will vary but normally 10am and again at 6pm. Buying times will be displayed.

Q. What if you sell out at 10am?

  • You miss out, try again at 6pm.

Q. Are we buying from Kerching or the Retailers?

  • You are buying through the Retailers but you must join kerching and access retailers through the kerching
    website or App otherwise you will not be able to access the deals.

Q. Do I pay Kerching?

  • No. You purchase and pay through the Retailer as you would normally. When you see the item/s of interest, just
    click on the [purchase] button. You'll be transfreed to the retailer of choice and will be bound by their T&C's.

Q. Can I buy the product through the retailer without going through Kerching?

  • Yes, you can buy product through Retailer but you won't receive the krazy Price/s we are offring at the time of
    sale. We have no control over Retailer who want to offer price reduction from time to time
Terms Of Purchase: I like the idea of Fruitloop Friday, send me information on times and products.

I also understand that Kerching is not a Retailer or Manufacturer and cannot give any guarantees on supply, purchases or deliver times. Warrantees are with the manufacturer of the product.

Note: I also agree that only one family member is allowed to join.

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