Ker-ching! Incentive Payment

APPROVAL IN 45 DAYS ! -50% Faster then most

Did you know that it usually takes 90 days for cashback payments on purchases to be “Approved” this in normal in this industry.

We don’t get paid early and bank the money and keep you waiting on the payment, some might, we don’t.

30 days - You have 30 days to return goods for a refund.

60 days - Retailers must approve your purchase, was it authentic not from a fraudulent card*?

90 days - For the marketing companies to pay us.

Some Retailers will pay us prior to 60 days but they are very few in numbers. In those cases we pay early.

Kerching is an innovative & performance organisation and is always looking for better ways to improve it’s services and to further assist Aussie Families.

Starting from September 1, 2020 *all payments will be approved in 45 days from your purchase date. Any redemption payments on or after the 45 day period will be checked first and confirmed by the Retailer.
*Any purchases made through Hotels, Travel or any Experiences will not form part of this arrangement. Why?

If you booked and paid for a Hotel, Travel or any experience today but you have booked ahead. The 45 days will only apply after the stay or experience has been taken. Cancellations for whatever reason will not form part of this arrangment and no cashback funds will be rewarded.

Our aim is to reward our members as soon as possible, but to make sure that the system is not being abused or compromised, we’ll be keeping a strong focus on all redemption payments. If any member abuses or compromises this payment system their membership will be immately cancelled and all cashback funds owing will be forfeited. We also have the right to refuse the offending member and his family future access into Kerching.

Please read our Guidelines & T's & C's

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