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Cashback Up To 10.00 %

Our story starts way back in 1979, in a magical era where flares were fashionable and affordable adventures were scarce. <br /> <br /> The location was Oz, where two young students had just returned from their travels, slightly jet lagged but on the biggest high of their lives.<br /> <br /> Inspired by the planet, the people they had met and the places they had seen, they set out on a mission to bring affordable flights and worldly adventures to other students, young people and explorers. The result was STA Travel.<br /> <br /> <span style="font-weight: bold;">Cashback Terms:<br /> </span><br /> Cashback for Domestic Flights (AU/NZ): $4<br /> <br /> Cashback for International Flights: $8<br /> <br /> Cashback for ISIC Cards: 8%<br /> <br /> Cashback for Tours: 4.8%<br /> <br /> Cashback for Travel Insurance: 12 %<br /> <br /> <span style="font-weight: bold;">Note:<br /> </span><br /> Cashback is not payable on Bus, Rail &amp; Car Hire purchases or bookings<br /> <br /> Rewards may only be paid on the net flight ticket purchase value excluding GST and all other taxes, levies and surcharges.<br /> <br /> Rewards may not be available until 90 days after the completion of travel. <p class="p1"><br /> </p>

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