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Blue Bungalow

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From workplace to weekend, or weekday basics to resort wear, Blue Bungalow exists to represent, and accommodate for, the real modern woman in all her dimensions.<br /> <br /> At the crux of it all, we recognise that confidence is key! We want our women to harness their full potential, regardless of shape or size. We all deserve to look and feel fantastic.<br /> <br /> Hence, it is our mission to encourage confidence through practical style advice, quality assurance and personal service. We hope to provide an endless supply of contemporary fashion that seamlessly connects with your life.<br /> <br /> In reality, here at Blue Bungalow, we’re mothers, young professionals and domestic goddesses. We can’t be defined by age, but we can be recognised by style. <br /> <br /> We’re relaxed and effortless, fuss-free but fabulous and we ooze colour to keep the spirit of summer alive.<br />

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