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Shhh Silk

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Shhh Silk is an International brand that’s redefining beauty sleep, one silk pillowcase at a time.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Loved by celebrities and beauty addicts the world over, find out the secrets to sleeping on a silk pillowcase.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Adding a silk pillowcase to your bedtime routine provides far more benefits than a fancier, sexier slumber. On the contrary, swapping out your cotton pillowcase for a luxe silk pillowcase set is proven to quickly improve users’ hair and skin.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Not only does a silk pillowcase naturally hydrate your skin whilst sleeping, the textile’s naturally hypoallergenic qualities makes it compatible with any skin type. In addition to eliminating unwanted pillowcase creases along your face, a silk pillowcase keeps your face cool overnight, making it easier for your body to release anti-aging melatonin.<br /> <br /> And unlike those cotton slips — which promote split ends, hair breakage and frizzy morning-after bed head — Shhh Silk’s array of silk pillowcases and sleep caps will keep your hair healthy and even extend your blowout.<br /> <br /> Ready to transform your sleep, skin and hair? Welcome to the Shhh Silk squad.<br />

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