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Walnut Melbourne

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Walnut Melbourne is an iconic Australian women's and children's footwear brand, classic shapes &amp; styling at an affordable price are key to our success.<br /> <br /> WALNUT was established in January 2007 as a brand that would take children's footwear in a refreshing new direction. <br /> <br /> Playful, fun and practical, WALNUT captures the essential blend of fashion and function. <br /> <br /> It quickly became the affordable choice for the modern parent who didn’t want to compromise on style.<br /> <br /> Due to demand, WALNUT launched LADIES shoes in 2009. <br /> <br /> These ranges hold true to our simple philosophy that classic enduring style never goes out of fashion and good quality need not be expensive. <br /> <br /> The LADIES range offers great styles in canvas and leather and has genuine trans-generational appeal.<br /> <br /> All WALNUT shoes have subtle details, bold colours and great comfort and fit; our designs are simple, clean and traditional with a modern twist.<br />

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