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RSL Art Union

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The RSL Art Union was created in the spirit of mateship following World War I. Returned veterans were finding it difficult to reintegrate into mainstream society as a result of both physical injury and the harmful mental effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).&nbsp; Many veterans were living in poverty and despair.<br /> <br /> The National RSL recognised the need to provide accommodation and financial support for our Australian heroes. The RSL Art Union was created to provide a secure funding source for the RSL, allowing the continuation of the support programs so many veterans, and their families, relied upon.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> RSL Queensland commenced its first fundraising operations in 1956. Today, the RSL Art Union continues to deliver critical funding for the support of returned veterans from recent conflict, as well as those on the long journey to recovery from past deployments, in the form counselling, financial aid, accommodation, rehabilitation and much more.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Each ticket sold in the RSL Art Union helps our returned veterans and their families. With your continued contribution, the tradition of mateship will persevere for many more years to come.&nbsp;<br /> <br />

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