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Hi, we’re Bed Threads—thanks for dropping by!<br /> <br /> Believe it or not, you probably arrived here the same way we did.<br /> <br /> When we moved into a new apartment back in 2014, we wanted to sleep in pure, 100% linen bedding that came complete with all of the trimmings.<br /> <br /> It had to be high-quality, simple to wash, easy on the environment, affordable and beautiful. Reasonable enough, right? We scanned far and wide and researched online and in stores but nothing we found ticked all our boxes. Either we were forced to go overbudget, upsold into a bunch of extras we didn’t need or generally underwhelmed with the quality of what we could find.<br /> <br /> And so Bed Threads was born. We’ve done the maths and our equation is simple: high quality, pure, 100% French flax linen at a price point you won’t lose sleep over. We think it’s silly to have to compromise a good night’s sleep because of high cost or low quality.<br /> <br /> Our signature sets include two pillowcases, a duvet cover and a fitted sheet, and we deliver free Australia-wide. The only catch? The extra hours of sleep you’ll clock that have been eluding you until now.<br />

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